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Cory Carnley is a dedicated cigar enthusiast

About me

Carnley maintained his educational studies and acquired accreditation as a tobacconist while operating a routinely updated website focusing on travels and personal interests.

Tobacconist credentials assist the holder in developing a deeper appreciation for tobacco and cigars, particularly luxury cigars, as well as providing the recipient with the tools required to increase customer service and sales at fine stores and service facilities. Certification holders, such as Cory Carnley, bring more knowledge to the table in terms of blends, storage, and choosing, and a true expert can guide cigar newbies as they make their initial choices and establish their own distinct tastes.

A truly qualified tobacconist, such as Carnley, can go above and above because of their particular knowledge of tobacco goods as well as the tobacco sales, production, and marketing process. All accessories, including portable humidors, commercial-grade humidors, cutters, lighters, and more, are also recommended.

He also holds additional service and hospitality certificates, such as bartending and responsible vending. All of this makes for an ideal job in tobacco or at premium venues that serve alcohol and provide a high-quality cigar experience.